Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very easy to identify once you know what to look for. They are oval in shape, about the size of an appleseed and will have a brownish tint. These insects survive by consuming blood. Bed bug bites are very obvious and often leave little blood spots on your sheets. They tend to feed in a straight or somewhat crooked line leaving bumps on the skin, typically on your back or side.

Bed Bug Control & Extermination

We stop the bed bug bites immediately, then we come back 3 more times to make sure that every last bed bug egg is killed, too. We don’t take a chance. You get immediate relief and then several more Bed Bug Treatment Hanover Park to ensure the area is absolutely bedded bug-free and you will not have a problem again in a couple of months. You also get to pay in installments.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

THE FIRST TREATMENT - You get relief. The bed bug problem is not a problem anymore.

1/4 PAYMENT PLAN - Payment for each treatment is due when we come out to do the next round. We do not expect you to pay everything upfront.

MOST AFFORDABLE - The total cost for our 4 treatments is significantly less than the other Bed Bug Exterminators serving the area.

Bed Bug Inspection

While many people believe finding bed bugs is easy, finding them all is practically impossible for a non Professional Exterminator trained specifically to handle them. Bed bugs feed on their hosts and then quickly hide in nearby places. This is not limited to beds. Luggage, purses, insides of vehicles, within furniture, anything immediately beside the bed. They are also found inside of electrical outlets and inside of laptops.

However, a professional exterminator can provide expert treatment in Chicago, and the surrounding area, to prevent further infestation or spreading from home to home. If you have experienced a bed bug problem in Elgin, Schaumburg or Naperville Illinois area, contact our experienced and professional pest control technicians to have your Chicago bed bug treatment taken care of for you.

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