6 Best Natural Pest Control Remedies

Pests in the home are not just an irritation but also a health hazard. They carry a whole host of diseases that are transmittable to humans and cause serious illness such as rabies. In addition, they also carry parasites like ticks, fleas and mice.

These parasites also carry serious illnesses like lime disease which can have severe long-term health consequences. In many cases, these diseases can be fatal if treatment is not sought immediately.

And that is not to mention how unhygienic pests can be. Their urine and feces are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Histoplasmosis is a fungus that is commonly present in guano (bat and bird feces).

It is therefore imperative to get rid of pests in the home as soon as they are noticeable. Pests cam be identified by the feces they leave behind, structural damage that they cause in the home or sight or sound of the actual creatures and critters.

Best Natural Pest Control Remedies: Naturally Repel, Prevent and Control Pest in the Home

1. Exclusion

Exclusion is one of the natural pest control remedies that is a common technique use by pest control specialists to eliminate pests and prevent the pests from returning. The process starts by identifying where and how pests are gaining access to the home and then sealing up these entrances and exits – except for one.

The pests are then allowed to leave through the one remaining exit which is then also sealed up. In some cases, it may be necessary to trap the pests after sealing the exits. The pests can then either be disposed of or released back into their natural habitat – preferably far from your home. This is a highly effective strategy for bats but can be just as successful on birds and rodents that have taken up residence in the home.

2. Hygiene

A clean home that is free of clutter does not attract pests or provide them with hiding places. Declutter the home and dispose of any furniture, appliances, electronics or other items that are not in use, old, damaged or broken. Spring clean the home at least once a year to get rid of dirt and dust that has accumulated. Vacuum the home at least once a week and clean all surfaces, bathrooms and especially the kitchen with a disinfectant detergent as often as possible. This a good strategy to prevent rodents like mice and rats as well as cockroaches.

3. Food Storage

Most pests are attracted to your home because they have easy access to food. They are natural scavengers and human beings provide a constant source of food that is easily accessible. Make sure all food is stored in kitchen cupboards preferably in sealable containers. Zip lock bags are an ideal solution.

All perishable foods (foods that can rot like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, etc.) should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and not left out in the open. Pests have a great sense of smell and will find these foods irresistible, especially when they start to turn.

4. Food Disposal

Do not leave any food that goes uneaten out in the open. Either place in sealable containers in the refrigerator to keep fresh for longer and to be consumed at a later date or dispose of the food suitably. Food should be disposed of in a food disposal unit or thrown into a trash can lined with a plastic bin liner.

The liner with the trash inside should be removed from the home daily and placed in an outside trash container or bin. It is critical that this container can seal properly and is pest proof. Pests like raccoons, rats and mice are experts at getting into the trash and creating havoc.

5. Natural Repellents

There are certain scents that most pests just do not like and these can be an effective deterrent or repellent even once pests have entered the home. Citrus scents are ideal as are menthol, mint and eucalyptus. You can either invest in some essential oils and dilute these in water to spray around the home, burn scented candles or use infusers in the home to repel pests. These repellents can be effective on insects such as flies, mosquitoes and roaches.

Rodents, bats and some bird species are also highly averse to high-pitched sounds that are often undetected by the human ear. You can purchase high frequency emitters to place strategically in and around the home. However, it is important to buy products that are recognized as effective and use a number of these devices to be successful.

6. Pets

There is nothing quite like a dog or cat to eliminate pests and keep them away. If you have a dog or cat prowling around your property, pests are automatically going to look for safer accommodations elsewhere.

It is important to mention that these natural pest control remedies are not always successful, especially when an infestation has occurred. It is highly recommended to call expert pest control services if pests have gotten out of control to avoid the health and other hazards associated with these creatures.

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