We’re a full service pest control company with over 20 years of experience in the Chicagoland Area. We understand box elders and that they must be handled in a delicate matter. Our methods will eliminate the bugs completely and we only use pet-safe and human-safe options.

Box elder bugs feed extensively on Ashleaf Maple trees and can cause the leaves to mottle or drop off the tree. If smashed, they will leave a red or purple stain, which can ruin curtains, carpet, clothing or any other material.

Box Elder Bugs can hurt these trees by sucking up the sap and weakening the tree. The damage they can cause is usually due to the fecal matter or when they’re smashed.

Box Elder bugs are found in large quantities in the fall season around trees and the exterior of homes. The Ashleaf Maple tree is actually known as the Box Elder tree because it attracts so many of the bugs. The bugs are about a half inch in size and usually come on dark brown or black colors with red markings on their wings.

Throughout the summer months, these bugs feed on the seeds found in the Ashleaf Maple trees and they are often found on the ground around these trees.

During the cooler months of the fall and winter, they migrate to indoor locations for protection.

Residents may find them in clusters around the outside of their house and they tend to get into the crevices and cracks of the property. Eventually they will work into the walls and they may even move into the interior. If you need the help of a specialist to deal with an overpopulation of box elder bugs, Bigfoot Pest Control can provide the right non-toxic solution for your needs.

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