Green Pest Control Service: Why You Should Choose Us

Are you having problems with insect infestation? Millions of homeowners across the US face the same issue, especially once summer rolls in and you notice insects and pests make their way into your garden, yard, or even inside your home.

In insect-friendly places, this problem can be even more challenging to control. It might seem like an uphill battle to get rid of pests and keep them away for good. In an attempt to combat insect infestation, many homeowners hire a pest control company that uses chemical pesticides. Some even use these products themselves, thinking that it’s the only option if they want to put an end to the problem quickly.

The Impact of Using Chemical Pesticides

If you’ve used chemical pesticides in the past, then you know that they can get the job done. The question, however, is: at what cost? The reality is that using chemical pesticides presents several risks both for your home and the environment.

In the US alone, these harsh pesticides are so commonplace, amounting to 1 billion pounds used each year. Applying these pesticides even in small spaces can wreak havoc in and around your property. The reason is that air, soil, or water can transfer the pesticides from the point of application to other locations. And what you may not realize is that these pesticides can stay in the environment for several years.

The use of pesticides has been linked to the killing of thousands of pollinators such as butterflies and birds. It’s also harmful for humans. Getting exposed to these pesticides has been found to impair reproduction, development, and overall health. According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, pesticide poisoning kills 220,000 each year.

Making the Switch to a Green Pest Control Service

If harsh chemical pesticides must be avoided at all costs, what alternative should you use? The good news is that you can enjoy the same benefits offered by these pesticides without the dangers associated with them by switching to green pest control products.

Over the years, an increasing number of companies have started to incorporate eco-friendlier approaches to beating pest infestation. This is to address the growing demand for green pest control services as more people become aware of the debilitating effects of excessive use of chemical pesticides.

By choosing an eco-friendly pest control company, you can rest easy knowing that the only products to be used are those made from safer and greener chemicals. This means you can say goodbye to pests for good while keeping you and your entire family safe.

The following are some compelling reasons to start using a green pest control service:

1) Long-Term Results

Green pest control methods allow you to remove pests just as effectively as traditional techniques. Don’t be surprised when you experience better long-term results as well. Insects are resilient creatures, and they can be resistant to chemical control methods over time. This is why you may notice that the chemicals used to treat infestation before no longer provide the same effects they once did. Eco-friendly products, meanwhile, work on the root of the problem, increasing the chances of preventing future infestations.

2) No Damage to Your Property

If you’re not new to using traditional techniques for pest infestation, then you know that they can wreak havoc in your property, particularly your landscaping. In most cases, traditional pest control methods need to be done several times a year. The products can cause your plants, grass, and bushes to die. And since the products might have to be applied in the soil, you’ll find it challenging to regrow your plants.

3) Safe for Pets

Aside from being completely safe for your family, eco-friendly pest control solutions are also safe for your pets. The last thing you want to happen is for your lovely pet to ingest harmful chemicals, which could potentially be fatal. In addition, less toxic products do not get rid of all living organisms. They’re specifically created to kill off pests. The idea is that not all insects cause harm to you and your property. In fact, some can even prove useful in their own way.

Green Pest Control is the Way to Go

If you’re searching for a pest control company, make sure to select one that only uses safe and green pest control services. Eco-friendly solutions beat traditional products in all aspects. If you want nothing but the best for your family, home, and pets, green pest control is the only choice.

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