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Infestations of mice are very common throughout Illinois due to the climate and urban sprawl. Hot, cold and wet weather drive mice indoors seeking shelter and food. They often infest attics, garages, sheds, dryer vents, cabinets and pantries. It’s important to call us as soon as you notice the first signs of an infestation. Mice are prolific breeders and have many litters throughout the course of a year, leading to exponential population growth.

Signs Of Mouse Infestations

The first sign of a mouse infestation is their droppings which are commonly found in attics, basements, cabinets, drawers, pantries, or under water heaters and heating units. Damage to the structure becomes very common. Mice chew through wood, plastic, wires, and anything else they come in contact with to wear down their constantly growing teeth. As populations increase inside the home, scurrying, scratching and squeaking sounds become more prevalent, especially at night.

We Can Solve Your Mouse Problem

Our technicians are professional, state-certified, and licensed pest control specialists. Mouse removal service begins with a licensed rodent technician providing a full inspection of your property to identify the infestation. During the inspection, we’ll identify the potential problem areas around your home or office. After the source of the problem is identified, your technician will point out other potential areas mice may nest and will show you the steps you can take to reduce future infestations. We’ll create a customized mice treatment plan for year-round protection, using the most effective and environmentally-conscious rodent control solutions. We use only the most efficient non-toxic traps and chemicals, ensured to optimize safety for you, your family, and your business, while swiftly removing your pest problem.

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Mice Lead To Other Pest Infestations

Mice can bring in other unwanted pests like bed bugs, fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. Mice create unsanitary conditions, spreading disease with their urine and droppings. Their waste spreads bacteria leading to food poisoning. They commonly damage insulation, wiring and other household items while nesting. Mice cause house fires by chewing on and shorting out electrical cables. Mice will use the insulation, wiring, garbage, fabirc, newspapers, and other found materials to build their nests.

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Are you seeing mice on your property? Your time is valuable. Quotes are fast and free. Don't wait, call us today!

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