flea extermination


A flea exterminator is a permanent easy solution that works. You want a solution that is NOW and easy and won’t involve worry, frustration or the possibility of failure? Call us, we are a professional flea exterminator.

Step 1:

The only way to really control your flea problem is to have a flea exterminator professionally spray your yard to provide an invisible barrier.

Step 2:

Break the cycle inside your home. Prevent eggs from hatching, prevent juveniles from becoming adults, adults from laying eggs, and kill the juveniles and adults.

Fleas can survive floods and droughts, hot and cold whether. When it gets hot they multiply like crazy. When it gets cold they go dormant only to come back stronger than ever when it gets warm again.

Fleas will become immune to cat and dog drops if you use the same kind of chemical over and over. Remember to switch up what kind of drop you use every year!


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