Silverfish Control & Extermination

Silverfish may not bite and they may not eat the wood holding up your roof but aren’t as innocuous as you may think. They cause real damage to valuables. Silverfish removal by a professional early on is important since they reproduce at such a rapid rate while staying pretty well hidden.

Preventing & Managing Silverfish Infestations

Additional silverfish control tips include: get a dehumidifier for your home, repair leaky pipes and drains, and eliminate or repair any moldy or wet wood. Also don’t keep old books and magazines in areas where silverfish are usually found like basements, attics and garages. And it’s important to keep food items such as flour and sugar in tight containers.

If a silverfish infestation is suspected or found, it’s best to call a licensed pest control professional to properly inspect the home and recommend the appropriate treatment method.

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