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Fleas can become a serious issue whether you have pets or not. These tiny bloodsucking pests make their way into your home from the outdoors. Fleas are roughly a 1/10th of an inch long and reddish brown to black in color. Fleas are astonishing jumpers, with rigid exoskeletons ensuring that infestations spread quickly. Central heating and wall-to-wall carpeting create the perfect environment for fleas to thrive. Adult fleas can live several weeks, feeding on you and your pets up to 10 times per day. A happy female flea will lay up to 300 eggs a week, allowing for exponential growth rates within your home.

Don’t Let Your Fleas Get Out Of Control!

A typical flea infestation is about 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupae(cocoons) and only 5% adults. Fleas wait to receive a signal that a host is near; vibrations, sound, heat and carbon dioxide are all stimuli indicating the presence of a blood host.


Small Pest Problems Become Big Ones Fast

Carpenter ants are the second worse wood-destroying insects, behind termites, in Elk Grove Village, Bloomingdale, Elmhurst, and Schaumburg. Removing them is not an option, it is a must. Call us if you need help identifying your ant invader.

Pavement and pharaoh ants are also common in the area, but are not as destructive to the structural integrity of the home. Killing off a nest is not easy without professional tools. Do you have a nest? If you see a lot of ants in your home, then a nest has been established someplace very near. There isn’t a need to put out harmful poison or fight never-ending battles. Call Bigfoot and win the war against ants.

Flea Treatment Process

About an hour before your scheduled flea treatment, we recommend vacuuming all carpets and rugs in the house. The heat and movement of the vacuum will cause flea eggs to hatch and this will ensure more fleas are killed during the service. We also recommend that you schedule an appointment for your pets to be groomed during the service and that you wash all pet bedding, so that fleas are removed from both the home and the pets at the same time.

Bigfoot flea treatments begin with a licensed technician coming to your home or office to inspect the source of infestation. Once determined, the technician will apply a low-toxicity treatment to the affected areas. This usually includes treating all carpets, furniture and the exterior of the home. Once completed, we may recommend a follow up treatment to eliminate flea eggs that hatch after the service.

For the best results, we recommend starting a flea prevention program which consists of regular treatment for your yard. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services.

Top Rated Flea Control Service in Schaumburg

Are you seeing fleas around your home? Your time is valuable. Quotes are fast and free. Don’t wait, call us today!

Fleas Carry Disease

They are also a vector for many different diseases and parasites including anemia, bubonic plague, cat scratch fever, flea allergy dermatitis, tapeworms, tularemia, tungiasis, and typhus. Exterminating flea populations quickly is crucial to protecting your family, pets and home.

Flea Prevention

Clean and vacuum frequently to help remove flea populations and prevent the laying of eggs. Regular vacuuming can get rid of flea eggs and larvae living in your carpets. Keep your lawn well groomed and keep the yard free of branches, leaves, and debris. Protect pets by keeping them on a leash when outside, bathing and grooming pets regularly, visiting a veterinarian annually, and using flea treatments according to direction. Avoid walking your pet through wooded areas, especially those with tall grass, and check your pet for fleas after walks. Regularly scheduled pest control service will help prevent fleas and rodents from establishing themselves on your property.


Top Rated Flea Treatment Service in Schaumburg

Are you seeing fleas on your property? Your time is valuable. Quotes are fast and free. Don’t wait, call us today!

Flea Control Reviews

Christopher McAllister
Christopher McAllister
Excellent service. I have been a realtor for 20 years, and I needed a termite inspection for a V.A. Loan on a house I had listed. They came out in a timely matter and even handled all the lenders’ questions after the report was submitted. Excellent service and reasonably priced. The owner, Chris, answered the phone when we had questions and also communicated via email. I would highly recommend them.
Quintin Crawford
Quintin Crawford
We were mortified to find a mouse in our finished basement. My wife wanted to do anything we could to address the problem. This was the Friday night after Thanksgiving so I was not optimistic we could get anyone ASAP. My wife left a message with Bigfoot and 8:30am the next morning I got a call from Chris! He went over our whole situation and even offered to come out that morning when he could tell how concerned we were and how we needed someone ASAP. Chris could not have been nicer or more helpful with us. He did a full inspection and offered great detail on what we are dealing with. He answered every single crazy question my wife had and he did it calmly and with reassurance. Chris took care of our situation and put our minds at easy. I cannot thank him enough and recommended Bigfoot enough! Definitely work with someone local before you call some big chain!
First mouse in the house! We had no idea what to do after finding our kitchen tore up from these little guys. I mean full on panic. I am so thankful we didn’t call a chain company that would have most definitely ripped us off! We called Bigfoot and Chris, who I’m pretty sure is the owner, spent time explaining what to expect and what the cost would be. Shocking, I know. A business that is upfront with pricing and processes?! Amazing. It’s obvious these people run an honest business and don’t take advantage of customers desperation. Luis came to the house that same day. He was polite, funny, thorough and KNOWLEDGEABLE. The anxiety I had dealing with this for days had quickly disappeared after he checked every relevant corner of my home for entry points and signs of more critters. I haven’t seen a mouse in days after the service. Bottom line: 1. Check your screen door for holes 2. If you’re unlucky enough to have a pest problem and don’t want to lose your shirt in a pointless contract, CALL BIGFOOT PEST CONTROL! *also, tip your tech 😊 it’s nice to be nice and these guys really go above and beyond. Good luck!
Vicki Rybarczyk
Vicki Rybarczyk
So far so GREAT! I contacted Chris with a concern I had and he had Luis, the technician, out to my house within 15 minutes. Luis was kind, personable and most of all, thorough! I feel good about my choice of Bigfoot Pest Control! I know if I call back for any additional support, I can count on them. Thank you!
April D. Nieves
April D. Nieves
You will not be disappointed with the quality of customer service and professionalism you get from the team. They are great to work with and I highly recommend them.
Sherry Nelson
Sherry Nelson
Luis was fantastic!! He explained the process, sprayed and then came back to check if everything was ok. Professional, respectful and just a delight to work with. The owner Chris was also very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend Bigfoot Pest Control!!
M Gutz
M Gutz
Luis came out to do an inspection and was thorough. He found areas that mice could be getting in that we didn’t think of checking and sure enough found droppings. Luis was very personable and professional and patient with any concerns or questions I had. Also when calling for service Chris was great and very responsive, they are the reason for their high ratings. I called another pest control company prior and never received a call back so I’m glad I went with Bigfoot Pest Control.