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Bee & Wasp Control & Extermination

Bee season comes every year from spring to mid summer without fail. It’s important to control bees early so they don’t take over your outdoor space. We know exactly how to deal with bee and wasp removal. Our bee removal services aren’t just for homeowners. We also remove bees and bee hives from businesses, apartment complexes and condominiums. Our technicians will inspect the structure to determine where and how bees are entering and exiting. After a comprehensive inspection, we’ll remove the hive, seal up entry points and remove any bee debris left behind.


Bee vs. Wasp Identification

Bees and wasps are often mistaken for one another, as both can sting. Wasps are generally more aggressive, while bees sting as a last resort. Knowing the difference between a bee and a wasp infestation is the first step to eliminating the problem. Bees are thick bodies and covered in hair, while wasps have smooth, shiny, slender bodies with a narrow waist. Bees and wasps like to nest in the cracks and spaces around your home. This includes around pipes, doors, windows, sill plates, and foundation.


Top Rated Residential, Commerical and Customised  Pest Control Service

So far so GREAT! I contacted Chris with a concern I had and he had Luis, the technician, out to my house within 15 minutes. Luis was kind, personable and most of all, thorough! I feel good about my choice of Bigfoot Pest Control! I know if I call back for any additional support, I can count on them. Thank you!

Vicki Rybarczyk


Excellent service. I have been a realtor for 20 years, and I needed a termite inspection for a V.A. Loan on a house I had listed. They came out in a timely matter and even handled all the lenders’ questions after the report was submitted. Excellent service and reasonably priced. The owner, Chris, answered the phone when we had questions and also communicated via email. I would highly recommend them.

Christopher McAllister


You will not be disappointed with the quality of customer service and professionalism you get from the team. They are great to work with, and I highly recommend them.

April D. Nieves



Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are about an inch long, with hairless, black shiny bodies. They create perfect circular holes drilled into wood to lay their eggs before protecting them with sawdust. Carpenter bee burrowing can exceed 8 feet in length and can cause major damage to your home. Carpenter bee holes can be found in uncured wood siding, roofing, wooden decks or deck furniture, fencing, telephone poles, wooden mailbox posts, etc. These pests typically live solitary lives, but in large numbers can damage to woodwork in homes. Their tunnels often lead to moisture and decay, creating structural damage similar to termites. If you think you have carpenter bees in your home, give us a call. Our team of highly-trained technicians will help you rid your home of carpenter bees quickly.


Pests We Control

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Social insects that come inside looking for food & water. Our 5 star rated treatment plans kill the entire colony.


Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations quickly get out of control and always require comprehensive, professional extermination treatments.


Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bug make their way inside from the outdoors. Extermination requires chemical treatment & sealing entry points.



Successful roach control requires more than pesticide. Our combination of treatments stop all stages of cockroach development.



We’ll help protect your garden. Earwig extermination will prevent damage to your plants and keep them out of your home.



Safeguard your home and pets from fleas. We’ll quickly get rid of these pesky fleas and keep them from coming back.



Have you evidence of mice around your home? We utilize a variety of methods to quickly eliminate your mouse problem.



We offer mosquito control solutions to meet the year-round needs of your outdoor living space, no matter where you live.



Silverfish can cause damage to valuables. Choose our 5 star rated silverfish & firebrat extermination solution.



Spiders are the most common pest in Illinois. Our spider exterminators will keep your home or business protected.




Our termite inspection technicians will inspect the interior & exterior, searching for signs of termite activity.


Wasps & Bees

Bees & wasps can be dangerous and destructive to property. We remove the bees and nest and prevent their return.


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