Pest Control Services Wood Dale IL (Residential and Commercial)

Pest Control Services in Wood Dale IL

Bigfoot Pest Control offers all types of insect and rodent extermination services to most of the North and West Chicago suburbs. Within our coverage area, we do bed bug removal and VA termite inspections, too. We service homes and businesses.

We are committed to satisfying our customers. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers, and we strive to do this from our very first conversation. It is our goal to ensure that every contact you have with our staff leaves you feeling like you are in the hands of people who truly care about your needs, your safety, and your concerns.

Our goal is that when we leave our home or business, it is a better place for our having been there. We provide pest control services in Wood Dale IL.

Residential Pest Control in Wood Dale IL

No matter what the issue is, we have you covered. Bedbugs, termites, spiders, rats, insects, and lots of other kinds of house invaders do not need to be a problem. Avoid damage to your property and to your loved ones. 

Our specialists utilize traps, low toxicity chemicals, and other devices to safely eliminate bugs in such a way that will not threaten your family. You don’t ever have to worry about chemical vapors or poisonous residues.

Get Pest Control To Eliminate Infestations

Commercial Pest Control in Wood Dale IL

Bigfoot Pest Control serves many small businesses as well as large industrial clients. We understand how vital it is to keep your commercial and industrial structures free of bugs. Bed Bugs, mice, termites, ants, and other sorts of pests can often be found in commercial buildings. Let us take care of them once and for all.

Bed Bug Exterminator

We stop the bed bug bites immediately, then we Come Back 3 more times to make sure that every last bed bug egg is killed, too. We don’t take a chance. 

You get immediate relief and then several more Bed Bug Treatments to ensure the area is absolutely bedded bug-free and you will not have a problem again in a couple of months. 

Mice Control

Our technicians are professional, state-certified, and licensed pest control specialists.

We use only the most efficient non-toxic traps and chemicals, ensured to optimize safety for you, your family, and your business, while swiftly removing your pest problem.

Cockroach Exterminator

Homeowners and Business – take control of your property again. Take the first step towards a Cockroach free environment by contacting our offices. 

We serve a wide and expanding number of neighborhoods across the Wood Dale IL area. 

Our technicians will always show up on time and provide quality service.

Flea Exterminator

A flea exterminator is a permanent easy solution that works. 

Do you want a solution that is NOW and easy and won’t involve worry, frustration, or the possibility of failure? 

Call us, we are a professional flea exterminator.

Wasp, Hornet and Bee Removal

We know exactly how to deal with bee and wasp removal. Our experts will evaluate the entire issue, and exterminate the critters without any further damage to you or your home. 

We can provide the necessary options for the extermination of bees and wasps.

Ant Removal Services

Our ant removal service uses non-toxic spray on the outside of your home, plus baiting to rid you of your pests. 

This combination means that you have a 6-month chemical working for you on the outside of your home and the ant nests will be wiped out by the bait no matter where they are found.

Box Elder Bugs Removal

Box elder bugs feed extensively on Ashleaf Maple trees and can cause the leaves to mottle or drop off the tree. 

If smashed, they will leave a red or purple stain, which can ruin curtains, carpet, clothing or any other material.

Mosquito Control

If you do not want to be cooped up inside your house or put off barbecues because you are being overrun by mosquitoes in Wood Dale IL, then call us for some help. We provide mosquito control that you can depend on.

Spider Exterminator

When spiders are a problem, Bigfoot Pest control is your spider extermination solution. We spray the inside and apply an exterior polish that last 3 months! 

Our 3 month Spider Spray also kills over a 100 other pests!

Termite Inspection

When you call Bigfoot Pest Control for a termite inspection, we provide the best technologies and the most knowledgeable specialists to handle the job. 

We understand what to look for and where to look whenever inspecting a property. Our goal is to provide you with fast, reliable and accurate service.

Silverfish Removal

Often you will find silverfish that are brown-grey. Our strategies remove the pests and prevent them from re-infesting your home. 

We use nontoxic methods, too. Pets, elderly, kids and you are safe. 

Earwig Extermination Services

Earwig extermination will prevent damage to your plants and keep them out of your home. 

We only hire the most knowledgeable and professional staff to help clients with pest control issues.

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